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    Many LED grow lights provide the right light output needed to get proper growth from your plants. Targeting the light allows you to fine tune your garden. Instead of spreading light all over the place, new LED lights are directional which shoots all the lights energy at the intended area. This is a much more efficient use of light. Being able to use your lighting more efficiently will save you money on your utility bill and reduce your cooling costs inside your growing area.

    However, not all plants have similar lighting needs in terms of intensity and duration of exposure. Intensity in this case means the quality of light exposed to a plant for a given duration in hours. In case you want houseplants, then make sure that your house has enough windows, as they are good sources of light. Their dimension could also affect the growth of your indoor plants. One can also provide lighting from bulbs such as CFL, metal halides, LED and other fluorescent bulbs.

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