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    Traditional grip is often used in marching percussion by snare players. Many jazz drummers, like Buddy Rich performs with the traditional grip as well as Drum Corps drummers like the Concord Blue Devils. There are also many drum videos and drum DVD’s that portray the traditional grip.

    Focus on Freedom Every decision you make in your business needs to bring you closer to Freedom! And not only financial freedom; but freedom in every area of your life. If you make a decision in your business that robs you of a freedom you want in your life, it’s not the right decision to make. Focusing exclusively on financial freedom can lead to overwhelm, confusion, exhaustion and frustration. When you focus on freedom on every level… financial, spiritual, physical and emotional… you will be guided to make the right decisions for your self.

    Johnny Lingo was handsome, young and wealthy, having shrewdly amassed a relative fortune. An outstanding guide, he led customers to prime fishing spots and the best places to get pearls. Known throughout the islands for his skills, intelligence, and savvy, Johnny was also one of the sharpest traders around. He got customers great deals, but always seemed to make the best deals for himself.

    The emphasis on intent is important in tai chi because the use of strength is very different than other martial arts. Tai chi uses slow, soft force to deflect or divert an opponent’s energy instead of meeting force with force. This allows time for your mind to contemplate the movement and imagine the movement in your mind before your muscles actually move.

    golden teacher Civility is not a part of the curriculum. The SAT doesn’t test civility, so why teach it might be an appropriate reaction from the educators who are graded on the scores their students get on the state and national tests.

    Listening Listening piggy backs on silence. Once you turn your focus inward to be present with your own beautiful being, it’s the perfect time and space in which to listen to your heart. For entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the external world of money, success models, marketing, networking, creating, etc. But, none of the external aspects of your business will come together with grace if you don’t take time to listen to what’s TRUE for you.

    If you have to ‘punish’ students, then don’t keep them in so that you have to supervise them. Give them useful work to do in their time so that you can have your breaks as a time to rest and relax. This punishment might be to report to the teacher on playground duty to pick up litter. Alternatively, they might report to you when you are on playground duty. You could remove privileges, have them on a behaviour card or on a behaviour contract.

    A math instructor may find that teaching applicable use for geometry might be the thing needed to illustrate the ‘golden ratio or mean”‘ as a use for fraction and geometry. Likewise, the english teacher exhibited so little faith in the abilities of her charges, lacking inspiration herself, how would she be able to recognize and nurture it in her class?

    A teacher cannot be a friend to his/her students. You are ‘in loco perantis’. That carries responsibility. Obviously, you need to be approachable. That means you need to have a friendly demeanour. Tell your class when and where you are available to see them about any issues they have and help they need.

    golden teacher A last warning: Don’t be fooled by the glitz. Often the best martial-arts schools are the plain ones … even the classes taught out of a garage. It’s the same with ezines — more often than not, the better ezines are plain-text emails.

    The next item on your list, after recruiting, should be teaching. Top income earners in network marketing know that by investing in others, they are investing in their own future. If you don’t have a natural skill as a teacher you can learn a great deal by simply applying the golden teacher rule. You do not want to pre-judge the new business partner. You never, ever know who the next superstar will be. Even if you don’t think that he or she shows much promise; you will certainly be surprised. Be approachable, keep hitting the ball back to your new business partner, and show personal concern for your people. We tend to easily recognize when we are being used only for what we can do for others.

    It was bumpy at first, but eventually something remarkable happened to this class of rough talking, tougher acting adolescents. Increasingly, outbursts like, “@!#$%, don’t look at me,” were being met with a growing chorus of, “there are no @#$%s in this class!” Conflicts decreased; while smiles and learning flourished. The kids even learned to tolerate my lectures. Surely my grandmother was on to something.

    golden teacher Hard-to-reach students will only be truly motivated by you when they, either consciously or sub consciously understand how they are going to benefit from what you are teaching them. What is in it for them?

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