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    <br> Part of that process is learning about what individual ball models offer (their “profiles,” if you will). Gradational Compression Core: The core of the BRSX ball is designed to gradually transition in firmness from the center to the outer part. These are all leading names in the world of golf and there is a great selection of low compression golf balls on the market. Much like the category above, senior players will see a reduction in swing speed and low compression golf balls help to hit the ball further than other types of golf ball. The soft feel of low compression golf balls will allow you to stop the ball more quickly on the green and this is a must if you are trying various styles of shot. When I’m playing a little worse, I find cheaper balls to play that still perform really well: Snell and now Mizuno. In a nutshell, the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball combines an ultra-soft cover, smart core design, efficient dimple pattern, and low compression to deliver a ball that’s kind to your touch while still giving you the performance you need throughout your round. It can travel farther than other types of golf ball yet still offer control on and around the green.<br>
    <br> Be bold – your golf ball selection can help you stand out from the average golfer. An Extended Flight Dimple Pattern has also been installed to the ionomer cover on this golf ball, that again is built to help the ball stay in the air for longer and travel at lower spin rates, keeping it moving on line to your target. The ionomer cover is softer than ever before but the ball remains resilient and can be used over and over again. Some players find it difficult to control because they cannot feel the impact of a soft compression ball on the club face like they can a firmer golf ball and this results in a lack of confidence in the direction of the shot. Some players prefer a heightened sense of feel during their putting stroke and a low compression golf ball will provide more feel on the face of the putter than other forms of golf ball. 2) Low compression golf balls can sometimes feel spongy on the face of the club and some players dislike that feeling. Saving money on your balls for golf game can be a great way to play the same ball every time out and keep your performances more consistent.<br>
    <br> One can also purchase them online from Amazon and eBay. Other types of patterned covers were in use at about the same time, including one called a “mesh” and another named the “bramble”, but the dimple became the dominant design due to “the superiority of the dimpled cover in flight”. One of the best golf balls from Srixon. Like many things throughout history, the dimple solution was discovered entirely by accident, as they realized that these dented and misshapen balls actually traveled further than their smooth counterparts. In addition, players who like using a softer ball could also choose to play with a low compression golf ball. As a low compression ball squeezes more at impact than other styles of golf ball, it gives a softer feel and this is perfect for more control when playing chip shots and putting. This helps your shots go far while maintaining control and reducing those unwanted hooks and slices. This means you can confidently attack the pin without worrying about the ball rolling too far past. 1) The amount of spin which can build on a low compression golf ball during a shot can be too much for some players. Srixon Soft Feel – Click Here to See Current Prices is a very low compression golf ball and great for average to slow swing speed golfers.<br>
    <br> The transfer of energy from the clubhead to the ball is more efficient in a low compression golf ball than any other style of ball available. It also helps keep ball speed (energy retention) up after impact without having to go to a harder cover and sacrifice spin. The extra energy produced by the compression of the golf ball will make up for some of the speed lost on the swing and produce more distance on the shot. It’s straightforward to make an make an effort to do by laying a playing golf club near to the bottom inside the route you desire to intent just previous your ball. Compression is the measurement of the golf ball’s deflection when it’s struck. We have discussed the pros and cons low compression golf balls and highlighted the different types of players suitable for using low compression golf balls. Other top golfing brands who have produced low compression golf balls include Srixon, Wilson, TaylorMade, Volvik and discount titleist golf balls. However, there are some leading contenders that are worth considering when looking for the top rated low compression golf balls. However, using low compression golf balls rather than rock hard golf balls will also provide plenty of control around the green, which makes them a top pick for senior golfers.<br>

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