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    golden teacher growkit Teaching only happens when you’ve got the student’s attention and they want to learn. My last student turned out to be very interested in historic buildings – we live near Salisbury Cathedral, and so there’s a golden teaching opportunity ‘on tap’. So we left the classroom and visited Salisbury Cathedral. It’s got the tallest spire in the UK, at 123 metres. They started building it in 1220, and topped off the spire by 1330.

    If you have to ‘punish’ students, then don’t keep them in so that you have to supervise them. Give them useful work to do in their time so that you can have your breaks as a time to rest and relax. This punishment might be to report to the teacher on playground duty to pick up litter. Alternatively, they might report to you when you are on playground duty. You could remove privileges, have them on a behaviour card or on a behaviour contract.

    Offering a woman a massage at the baths (or anywhere) and having her accept is not unusual. I once saw John Lily at the baths. (The Scientist who facilitated interspecies communication with man and Dolphin and who invented the isolation float tank).

    Broaden your network – Once people get a job they tend to drop many of their earlier friends and simply focus on work and family. My motto is to never let your network go because some day you might need a broader group of friends. In fact, part of your career goal should be to continue building your network. This helps to increase your visibility but at the same time, more people will know what your skills are and these are the ones who might someday point you in the direction of a new career opportunity. At the same time, be sure to extend your network as far as possible and to include a wide and diverse group of friends.

    golden teacher In my situation, I always got into trouble in school for talking too much. In my workplaces, I always got into trouble for challenging the managerial systems, asking too many questions and trying to change things or fix things. Guess what I am doing today? Today, I get paid for doing all those things. What does this say about me? It says that I like challenge and change, short projects rather than long, drawn-out, repetitive work, talking to people, investigating and challenging systems. In other words, I am better suited to being a consultant. What about you? Who are you and what do you want? Find out who you are and match this to job characteristics that interest you.

    Mere minutes ago I was happily asleep in comfortable small clean shared quarters — the slightest pungent smell of lemon polish pervades a chest of drawers. But communicating with people you’ve never met who have become suddenly your roommate is a strange experience for me.

    Our forefathers saw a lack of conscience in the British monarchy that ruled the colonies. So, they created chaos, the American Revolution. Then, they devised 10 rules with a handful of amendments to govern what became the greatest nation in the world. Each state was given free will (states’ rights), and they tacked on dozens more rules in an attempt to get people to focus on that which is important in a given area and bring order to it. This free will led the states to split, more chaos. Then, Reconstruction brought order once again. Through it all, there are those who try to bring definition, understanding, and application of these rules so that societies can move forward.

    growkit golden teacher As you work through the year with your class, note teaching pedagogues that the class enjoy and the subject areas they enjoy the most. Now, when you are reaching your stressed out point use these pedagogues to give yourself some easier lessons. Alternatively, have a day off but make sure you plan a day for the relief teacher that is full of activities that they will attempt gladly to make the relief teacher’s day pleasant.

    Intent also involves the use of your eyes. In the tai chi classics, it says something like, “The eyes and the hands must follow each other.” However, this does not mean that your eyes must exactly follow the movement of your hands. It means that your eyes and hands must arrive at the same point at the same time.

    growkit golden teacher Over the years, I could never seem to pinpoint what my issue was and so I continued to acquire more and more education. While the additional education certainly helped and my career progressed, I still found myself frustrated. Education wasn’t the only golden key to success. Something was missing, I seemed to be drifting. What now?

    golden teacher IV. Making too many stations-confusing activity and instruction-One-on-one training is the key to true instruction. Don’t get caught up using too many stations and thinking a lot of activity is the key to a good class. Turning out good gymnasts and your students having a good time are the keys to a good class.

    When asked for advice on martial-arts school selection, rather than recommend a specific school, or even a particular style, I instead recommend the way my teacher (Steve Golden) has in the past: I tell them to choose based on the personality of the teacher at the school.

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