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    golden teacher growkit Without receiving the guidance from the enlightened teacher you cannot avoid and escape the sufferings and cannot transcend birth, death and rebirth. Salvation to ancestors and blessing for the descendants rely purely on the enlightened teacher, so all of you should repay this great grace by following the arrangement of the enlightened teacher. If practitioners violate and not follow the orders they will suffer and their ancestors will equally be affected similarly. Learn to be gentle and kind, respectful, thrifty, humble and have pleasant countenance.

    golden teacher Men are not saints so who can avoid mistakes? It is most important to correct the wrongs. He who knows his sins and still does not repent cannot return to Heaven. If one accumulates merits first but sin later, all merits will not be counted. If one sins first but accumulates merits later, merits can offset sins. If one corrects previous wrongs and then accumulates merits, all his merits will be recorded. If one has a lot of sins and few merits, he will be cast into the great catastrophe. Merits in Heaven are counted in this way so he who repents and corrects wrongs before accumulating merits is a true pillar of Heaven.

    Being creative is both a blessing and a curse. Creatives are often marginalized, thought of as so ‘different’ that their concepts and ideas are often beyond the scope of most other people. To draw and paint, to write and dream, to create music were not the skills valued in my home as I was growing up. Those skills and talents were not considered useful for a financially secure future. I suspect it can be said by most creatives, that their parents had ‘higher hopes’ for them than the insecurity of an artists life.

    golden teacher golden teacher Boxcar Children, Gertrude Warner: This book was written decades ago, but they story has stood the test of time. It’s amazing how many, now adults, tell how this book made them into avid readers. And they have passed the series on to their own children. The tale is of four children who travel in an empty boxcar without parental supervision, a captivating storyline for children constantly reined in and directed by adults. Somehow the children find ways to survive through happenstance or ingenuity.

    I will give you an example. The Northridge earthquake in 1994 destroyed my home. I was forced to move into an apartment that didn’t allow dogs. I had a beautiful blonde golden retriever I was forced to give away.

    golden teacher Someone might show specially prepared museum quality photos of petroglyphs (300 — 20,000+ years old from the Coso Range) aka cave drawings. Or as we sit in circles on pillows we may listen or share the stories of our lives — or might get in touch with deep seated feelings. Others may temporarily doze off.

    golden teacher growkit Again, dreams come on different levels. But the most important ones are from the Soul and are an attempt at communication. It is for us to become familiar with the language we have in common with the Soul, that of visual symbols. A first step is to take the dreams seriously enough to write them down, and then look them up in a book on dream symbols, such as “Watch Your Dreams” by Ann Ree Coulton, or take a dream interpretation class as I did.

    In the course of requesting a job reference, I’d found out that my former supervisor, one Bill W., had recently died. Though I didn’t know him long, I liked Bill. I respected his warm earthiness, his everyman charm. He was a kind, mellow man who handled crisis with an aplomb most can only dream of possessing. He worked hard to stay out of the spotlight, and harder to put others in it.

    I’ve asked myself where to begin coming up with a civility curriculum? My answer is to imbed the Golden Rule in our courses of instruction. Throughout the school experience the Golden Rule could be a part of every course of study. Literature, the social studies, physical education, and even mathematics and science could include stories and problems that stress the importance of treating the other person the way you want to be treated. Once taught it should be tested in real life situations.

    “Eight cows?” Mr. Shopkeeper gasped in amazement. Eight was unprecedented. “It must be some kind of mistake.” However, true to his word, Johnny delivered the cows himself to seal the deal. Before the wedding, Johnny came to the shop to order a wedding present–a golden, hand-held mirror.

    golden teacher growkit When you are practicing tai chi, move slowly and continuously and use intent to move beyond the physical part of the form. This helps to develop a strong mind-body connection. Qi gets stronger as it continues to flow, just like the force of water gets stronger as it flows downhill. If you stop moving during the forms, your qi also stops moving.

    The worst kind of traffic to get is the kind you must pay for who has no interest in your offer but ended up at your site under false pretenses. You must be careful in your selection process. That means you must qualify the prospect before letting him into your gates. He of she should be encouraged to look further only if they met certain conditions. You don’t want everyone, you want the right one.

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