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    <br> He will know what food is best for your dog. A good rule of thumb is that the darker and more bitter the chocolate is, the more dangerous it will be for the dog. The good news is that chocolate isn’t always fatal for dogs. Because of this, it is a good idea to know what symptoms to look out for when a dog eats chocolate, when to seek veterinary advice, and how to keep our pets as safe as possible from this potentially toxic treat! And, probably the most critical question, what to do if your dog eats chocolate? That’s roughly equivalent to a small milk chocolate candy bar or half a teaspoon of chocolate baking powder. It estimates that two and a half standard milk chocolate bars is enough to be a lethal dose for a small dog. For example, a couple of grams of cocoa powder may be enough to cause seizures in a small dog, so even a nibble may be harmful! You don’t need to panic when faced with a canine cocoa crisis.<br>
    <br> To reach the 20 milligrams-of-theobromine-per kilogram level at which symptoms usually appear, a 55-pound dog would need to consume 500 milligrams of theobromine. Keep it away from the reach of your canine partner. Give them something from our range of treats or our raw dog food to keep your dog happy and thriving. Remember that some variety packs of chocolates may contain other dangerous ingredients such as raisins or xylitol, so keep an eye out for these too. Theobromine toxicity can cause a variety of signs ranging from mild to severe. Typically, signs of chocolate poisoning in dogs begin within 6 – 12 hours after consumption. Severe signs begin at about 40 mg/kg and seizures can begin at 60 mg/kg. A very small dog needn’t eat much at all to become sick, as a 5-pound pooch would only need to consume about 45 milligrams of theobromine to begin displaying symptoms.<br>
    <br> Even if your dog doesn’t get sick from eating small amounts of chocolate however, it’s still best that they avoid it. However, you’ll still want to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible with this information since every dog is different. If your dog eats chocolate, the first thing you need to do is contact your veterinarian. If your dog eats enough chocolate – and enough theobromine – they can die. Being a pet parent can be difficult, and despite the best supervision and preventative measures, accidents can happen. Another time, I was pet sitting a German shepherd who ate a bar of 75% cacao dark chocolate. Who Else Wants to Know How to Stop Dog Flatulence Fast! So your pup swiped a chocolate cookie and gulped it down before you could stop her, or maybe you found an empty candy bar wrapper and he’s looking guilty. Accordingly, baked chocolate items are likely more dangerous than a typical, milk chocolate candy bar.<br>
    <br> Be extra vigilant if your dog is older or has a heart condition, as these factors may make your dog may be more susceptible to sudden death or other serious symptoms of chocolate toxicity. According to the American Kennel Club, symptoms can include vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, restlessness, increased urination, abnormal heart rate and seizures. What home remedy can I give my dog for chocolate ingestion? There are no safe home remedies you can dogs take oxycodone give your dog for chocolate ingestion without your vet’s guidance. That does not mean that it is safe to give to dogs. In fact, during Christmastime, dogs are four times more likely to require a vet visit for chocolate poisoning than during non-holidays; and on Easter, dogs are twice as likely to be sickened by chocolate, compared with other times of the year, Live Science previously reported. Once your veterinarian has all the details, they will examine the toxicity and call your dog for a visit or instruct you to observe for any symptoms or further steps to be taken. This is important because it affects what treatments your veterinarian may advise. 4) The kids may think that giving the dog ice cream is cool.<br>

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