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    golden teacher growkit To maintain this order, there must be standards, rules. God gave us ten to bring order to the entire planet, all the while giving us opportunities to fail or succeed by sprinkling us with free will. Jesus simplified the plan by giving us the Golden Rule. This rule turned the “shall nots” back onto the individual, who must first understand and love himself enough to extend that love and understanding to others. Conscience became the ruler of man.

    It was bumpy at first, but eventually something remarkable happened to this class of rough talking, tougher acting adolescents. Increasingly, outbursts like, “@!#$%, don’t look at me,” were being met with a growing chorus of, “there are no @#$%s in this class!” Conflicts decreased; while smiles and learning flourished. The kids even learned to tolerate my lectures. Surely my grandmother was on to something.

    golden teacher golden teacher Even if you are unsure about the problems that your child is experiencing, or that they may go away on their own, it is always good to let the teacher know that you are concerned and that you are monitoring the situation. That way, when you need to talk to her about something she has a heads up and will be ready to work with you to solve the issue.

    golden teacher I. Not using progressions- You need to have a system where a sub can see what to teach the kids when you’re not there, to keep for legal purposes, and to show the parents how much their kids are learning. And, if you teach more than a few classes, how in the world can you remember what each class needs to do?

    growkit golden teacher But what if you think you have a really talented kid (everyone thinks they do) and you want to see him/her excel. As a coach let me offer you the game plan, the same one that I would ask you to follow if your child is training with me, the same one I follow with my sons.

    Intent also involves the use of your eyes. In the tai chi classics, it says something like, “The eyes and the hands must follow each other.” However, this does not mean that your eyes must exactly follow the movement of your hands. It means that your eyes and hands must arrive at the same point at the same time.

    The spring water for the baths are from the property. Esselen Indians use to bathe in these waters hundreds of years ago. The water from the natural hot springs are pumped up from below the ground and are considered healing. I’ve seen people drink the water even though it has a slight smell like sulfur. Strangely as a kid when I use to melt sulfur and other stuff from my chemistry set I use to always get a cold after accidentally inhaling the fumes. But here I have only had good experiences at the baths — no side effects at all from the sulfer, people even drink this water for health (I tried it twice).

    Juniors must respect the seniors and all should have the same heart and be harmonious. Seniors must guide the juniors with a generous heart. Now the time is critical so all must work with extra diligence. These words are as precious as gold and solid as rocks, so do not let Lao Mu repeat.

    growkit golden teacher Many teachers fail do a good job in the classroom because they do not have the ability to maintain a good classroom environment. A teacher must establish and maintain a positive classroom environment from day one. How does a teacher achieve this? From day one, students must learn and understand what the rules are in class. The teacher must reinforce such rules consistently. During the first week of school, the teacher must go over the classroom and school rules every day, making sure students fully understand what is expected of them. Managing classroom behavior starts from day one and has to continue everyday, all day long.

    golden teacher growkit Without receiving the guidance from the enlightened teacher you cannot avoid and escape the sufferings and cannot transcend birth, death and rebirth. Salvation to ancestors and blessing for the descendants rely purely on the enlightened teacher, so all of you should repay this great grace by following the arrangement of the enlightened teacher. If practitioners violate and not follow the orders they will suffer and their ancestors will equally be affected similarly. Learn to be gentle and kind, respectful, thrifty, humble and have pleasant countenance.

    Often, students in difficult classes receive little or no praise at school and often not at home. A little praise goes a long way. Any progress the class or students make should be praised either publicly or one on one, depending on the student and the situation. Offer rewards for goals achieved, good efforts by the class or individual. These rewards might be as simple as a sticker or a stamp or a lolly. Your class circumstances will help decide.

    After seeing his chart carefully my father told him that a week Jupiter was a hurdle in his professional success and suggested him to wear a yellow sapphire of certain weight next to the skin of his index finger in a golden ring.

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