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    I walked into the event a lot late. In the 1960’s it would be called “a happening.” The name of the event was “Children, Our Ultimate Investment.” It was a celebration of Aldous Huxley’s birth. Ram Dass was on stage with (Alan Watt’s cohort) Al Huang (of the Living Tao foundation). As Dass did his thing about Shiva and existence and bliss Al Huang danced spontaneously and these professional big kids were having a really good time as they carried Laura Huxley around the packed room and danced with her in their arms.

    These give the student a face saving opportunity to back down when they realise they have gone too far. If they continue, then the situation has escalated and you need to invoke your school discipline code.

    Dan Hertz a peace activist during the late 60’s said “we are there already.” One should explore and experience with more than just intellect. “The means determines the end.” We must change and to do so we must develop human character. End suffering. Attention to here and now then come down from the mountain and provide water to the thirsty souls. No cult grew around Aldous Huxley. (Who incidentally died the same moment as John F. Kennedy). Huxley did not become a Guru. (Actually a Guru is a teacher and Huxley was that!).

    Without receiving the guidance from the enlightened teacher you cannot avoid and escape the sufferings and cannot transcend birth, death and rebirth. Salvation to ancestors and blessing for the descendants rely purely on the enlightened teacher, so all of you should repay this great grace by following the arrangement of the enlightened teacher. If practitioners violate and not follow the orders they will suffer and their ancestors will equally be affected similarly. Learn to be gentle and kind, respectful, thrifty, humble and have pleasant countenance.

    However, in addition to references you will now include testimonials on each page of your resume. Just like you would see on a website. Simply use the left margin of your resume to write testimonials from other people about you. Remember, when it comes to getting a job, you are “selling” yourself, and ask any marketer and they will all tell you the same thing…testimonials increase sales. So use the left margin to write short 1-sentence testimonials. Use small font, and italics with the person’s name and title included.

    golden teacher growkit Perhaps rather than dependence on chemicals and substances outside ourselves there may be other ways which are more effective in changing ones’ consciousness. Permanent positive ways. These include prayer and meditation. (As well as movement and sound, touch and massage and yoga and hugs). Doctors should be allowed to treat their patients with ways that are effective and also the least harmful. Harmless even if they do not work. (So other ways can be tried).

    When you are practicing tai chi, move slowly and continuously and use intent to move beyond the physical part of the form. This helps to develop a strong mind-body connection. Qi gets stronger as it continues to flow, just like the force of water gets stronger as it flows downhill. If you stop moving during the forms, your qi also stops moving.

    I was also never into hot water. But now that I live in the Pacific Northwest I have an appreciation for tubs. I’m glad I am usually not shy. And am amazed how non-sexual I find the baths. Bodies are of so many sorts. If women went topless I bet men would be less fixated on sex and everyone would be more at peace. There is occasional beauty outward and often beauty inward found with people there and now here. We make sex overly important by our thoughts and conditioning and other societal games (make up, advertising, high heels — my thought not Esalen’s).

    golden teacher growkit A last warning: Don’t be fooled by the glitz. Often the best martial-arts schools are the plain ones … even the classes taught out of a garage. It’s the same with ezines — more often than not, the better ezines are plain-text emails.

    Wherever you are right now in your life, please stop for a moment and hear this truth. The true gold lies not in the outcome or accomplishment, it is in the process of creating. When you give yourself a little space and care for the golden goose inside you, you will once again lay a golden egg. Don’t worry, there is no where to go, you have everything you need for the blissful life you desire. You just forgot where the true gold lives–inside of you.

    So, I’ve been on a journey of learning to listen to myself at a deeper level. And, I invite you to join me on this journey, too. I want to share four of the ways I’ve been deepening my ability to listen to my self. And, conveniently, they spell S.E.L.F…

    golden teacher Become a Teacher. The only way that we ever learn anything new is from someone else. As you begin to value yourself as the Golden Goose you really are, you’ll begin to notice other women struggling to do it all. Share what you have learned with them and what helps you feel good about yourself.

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