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    golden teacher growkit Affirmation: I am joyful and thankful for each one of my life experiences. I gain wonderful golden nuggets of wisdom from each. They make me grow. I am also thankful for every person I have come to I know and meet in each of life’s experiences.

    Our former employer had fired Bill because he was ‘too slow and indecisive’. How was it that a man who’d had two exemplary careers as a fire-jumper and military analyst and had enjoyed a long and successful career at other institutions come to us only to disappoint? Amazingly, his bosses did not ask this question. They found it easier to blame him and his former employers for duplicity. He was gone within months.

    I have learned that our struggles do not always originate from this current lifetime we are living. I have had more than one psychic tell me that my last lifetime was as a struggling model and Impressionist painter in Paris, France. What I found most interesting upon hearing this is that several things relevant to me in this lifetime to validate the psychics’ reading. I never understood the meaning of this strange behavior until the psychics solved the mystery for me. The psychics knew nothing about me and I gave them no information of any kind.

    golden teacher II. Teaching preschool like school-age- Preschool classes need more defined lesson plans and they need fun props. You need to use a different voice inflection, different music, and they just need a lot of lovin! And, with preschoolers, you need very specific instructions.

    golden teacher golden teacher Finally, after you recruit and teach you will certainly want to repeat. Top income earners are ones who are able to teach others to do what they do. Therefore you are promoting duplication. When you are a network marketing success your team will be full of people who ‘recruit, recruit, recruit’, teach, and repeat. When others around you find success, your check grows by leaps and bounds. Hopefully, your MLM opportunity offers a system that is easily duplicated and passed down. If not, if you’re setting up your own system, be certain that it is one that can be taught and duplicated. Remember, it will only work if others can make it work.

    Uses of Huxley (named after English Author & consciousness pioneer Aldous Huxley) are many. (Like Big Sur itself — “The Land of Many Uses.”) People might be hanging out or in Love and Huxley is a favorite place to snuggle and feel safe and free at all hours.

    Years later I discovered that I have the ability to instantly access anyone’s past lives if I enter a trance state. I deeply know that I can do this only because I was given that book. In was literally receiving access to the Akashic Records. I awoke feeling profoundly changed. That feeling has stayed with me forever. I suppose I could have been given that book without my Soul ever letting me in on it, but then would I ever have taken a dream interpretation class? Would I have ever tried to do past life readings? Would all those people who have been healed by the past life readings ever have been healed?

    golden teacher growkit Someone might show specially prepared museum quality photos of petroglyphs (300 — 20,000+ years old from the Coso Range) aka cave drawings. Or as we sit in circles on pillows we may listen or share the stories of our lives — or might get in touch with deep seated feelings. Others may temporarily doze off.

    Mere minutes ago I was happily asleep in comfortable small clean shared quarters — the slightest pungent smell of lemon polish pervades a chest of drawers. But communicating with people you’ve never met who have become suddenly your roommate is a strange experience for me.

    Our forefathers saw a lack of conscience in the British monarchy that ruled the colonies. So, they created chaos, the American Revolution. Then, they devised 10 rules with a handful of amendments to govern what became the greatest nation in the world. Each state was given free will (states’ rights), and they tacked on dozens more rules in an attempt to get people to focus on that which is important in a given area and bring order to it. This free will led the states to split, more chaos. Then, Reconstruction brought order once again. Through it all, there are those who try to bring definition, understanding, and application of these rules so that societies can move forward.

    growkit golden teacher Raise your visibility – A second career success strategy for me was to consciously and persistently raise my profile, to get noticed, to have people see and experience what I can do to contribute to the organization. The most effective way to do this is to volunteer for interesting committee work. This allows you to gain visibility, learn new skills, meet and network with new people (hopefully a senior boss) and become a known entity. If internal committee work is not an option, then seek an activity in the volunteer sector. For instance, if you want to gain skills in human resources, then get involved in a not-for-profit board and volunteer for the HR committee.

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